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SenSci Volcano & Activ Lure
SenSci Volcano & Activ Lure
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SenSci Volcano & Activ Lure

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This product is used as a monitor to detect the presence of bed bugs. This is not a method to control bed bugs.

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The SenSci Volcano is a bed bug monitor in which bed bugs crawl up the exterior and are captured inside. Once the bed bug enters the trap they are not able to crawl out. The trap is designed to be used with the SenSci Active Bed Bug Lure.

Place the monitor under beds, couches, along baseboards, or any location where bed bugs might be found. Lures can be used with other styles of bed bug monitors and traps.

Lure will last approximately 60 - 90 days.

This set includes one SenSci Volcano and one SenSci Activ Lure.

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