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Konk Foam Insecticide II
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Konk Foam Insecticide II

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Pressurized contact and residual insecticide spray.

For control of wasps, bees, hornets yellow jackets, spiders, earwigs, cockroaches, crickets, millipedes, silverfish, ants, fleas, carpet beetles, brown dog ticks.

This product is designed for applying into cracks, crevices, or tight areas that are difficult to reach. Spray directly into cracks and crevices particularly under baseboards where cockroaches like to go, and where the insecticide won't be mopped away. The foaming action of this formula completely fills tight crevices, leaving an insecticidal-active residue.

Spray hard to reach places, behind refrigerators, washers, under sinks, between cabinets, under counters, etc.

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