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No Foolin' With Poulin.
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Catchmaster Glue Board - Size: Large
Catchmaster Glue Board - Size: Medium
Catchmaster Glue Board - Size: Small
Catchmaster Glue Board - Size: Extra Large
Catchmaster Glue Boards
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Catchmaster Glue Boards

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Catch insects and rodents with non-toxic pre-baited glue traps in a variety of shapes and sizes. Place where insects and rodents are likely to travel.

Keep out of reach of children and non-target animals. Use glue board flat or fold along perforations to form tunnel. Peel off the release paper. Position along walls/baseboards.

Small sized glue boards are meant for insects, mice, and other small pests. Medium sized glue boards are meant for insects, mice and other small pests. Large sized glue boards can be used for rats, mice, and snakes. Extra large glue boards can be used for rats, mice, and snakes.

Glue boards can be cut into shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

  • Multiple Sizes:
    1. X-Large - 18” x 10.5” - $6.95 each
    2. Large - 12” x 6” - $2.99 each
    3. Medium - 8” x 5” - $1.25 each
    4. Small - 6.5” x 3.5” - $0.75 each

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